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Residing in Whangarei, New Zealand, I moved into photography five years ago, after a number of years in professional Videography (with experience in filming and editing weddings, shows and business promotions). I have also been a Photoshop enthusiast for over 10 years, my development as a photographer only enhancing that, which has led to my passion for creating whimsical photographic digital artworks.
I began creating works with children, loving their energy and the unguarded emotions that they display, and also the fact that they love everything whimsical and fantastic.
Two years ago I completed an intensive fundraising project with a local kindergarten both to get practical experience and to give back to the community. I photographed 40 children, most individually, and composited/photoshopped them into one of 5 fantasy scenes (each taking 2 hours to complete!) The kindergarten sold them to parents as calanders and we raised over a thousand dollars for the kindergarten to use. The work experience was invaluable.
Shortly after I began creating animal art that I could print and sell for both children and adults, I enjoy this very much and intend to continue expanding on my ready to sell range.
I then ventured into the cosplay world, I have done photo-shoots and artworks for steampunk and video-gaming cosplayers (costume players), this is an exciting genre and the passion cosplayers have for their creations is infectious and I intend to continue being involved in this world for a long time to come! 
At Christmas time in 2018, I was privileged to participate in the Heart Project's Christmas Wish 2018 ( I was lucky enough to participate in 4 edits for NZ & Australia, met and worked with so many incredible photographers and Photoshop artists (mostly from the comfort of my home computer!) composited 25 images of children/families into Christmas scenes made by such talented artists. I've never had an experience like it, one of the best and most worthwhile of my life. I am excited to being involved the 2019 project.
This lead to other charity work, one project in Australia and another in the USA (So Many Angels), this affirmed to me that I adore this work and will do it as long as I can.
Beyond all this I have spent the last year training in retouching, first and foremost to enhance my work but also to offer these services and other Photoshop services. Some of the work I have done has been with an established Author, adjusting and enhancing photos for her latest book, a child in palliative care so her family could have photos without medical equipment, and other photographers, extending backgrounds and removing distractions. 
Please get in touch to chat about any ideas or projects, big or small, I'd love to hear from you!

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