The whole process from start to finish was just as fun as the end result. We came to Charm with just a few vague ideas. She created for us the most wonderful and unique family portrait, through her amazing talent and imagination and a whole lot of laughs in the process. 
- Aurelia Robertson
I first met Charm as a co mentor for an online class we were part of. I found her passion for composite and creative imagery was infectious and inspiring. Her Photoshop skills are extraordinary, and she is always striving to create images that are outstanding. Charm is always there to support others, share her skills and knowledge with anyone. Love her work and attention to detail. 
- Sandra D
Charm was outstanding in capturing our family’s ideas and personalities. In applying her creative talent alongside her photographic & photoshop skills we have ended up with “not just a family portrait” but a work of art. 
- Jolene Taylor

Charm helped my make my calendars go from good to FANTASTIC. Her work is amazing. Highly recommend working with her. 
- Kelly-Marie Yelavich, Sparkles Enchanted Faces FX

Working with Charm was fantastic. She really brought the image I needed for my project to life. Such skill and attention to professionalism. Highly recommended! 
- Dr Maggie Buxton

Unprecedented, unique, stunning images - Lilla Nicholas-Hoult

Such a professional approach to a lifelong image. Thanks so much - Luanne Wedgewood

If you are wanting someone who thinks outside of the box and who is great at what they do then you need Charm as your photographer. She sees something that others don't and adds her touch to every image. She is a pleasure to work with and I could not recommend her enough. I never have been disappointed with the images she has done for me 
– Nene Lee Cosplay

The team there created an awesome image of me as Marcus Fenix from the game Gears of War 4. They even went as far as to research the game and match the colour palettes... so very, very impressed! 
- Wayne Carroll
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