THE HEART PROJECT CHRISTMAS WISH - Oct-Dec 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
Run by founder and director Karen Alsop of The Heart Project and Story Art in Melbourne, Australia, a group of about 200 photographers and photoshop artists in four countries (Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A and Canada) photograph and create fantasy Christmas composite images for Children in hospital at Christmas time. I have been involved with this project for four years, the first as a remote editor and the following three years I managed the team of 50 volunteer editors from around the world, photoshopping images of children photographed in hospital ( by Christmas Wish teams) into magical Christmas scenes created by the editing team, which were then printed and presented to the families. We have produced over 700 images.
Kelly's Gods and Goddesses Calendar -  Fundraising for the Northland Rescue Helicopter - Oct 2020
A collaboration with local body painting artist, she painted twelve volunteers in the theme of greek, roman and egyptian mythical gods and goddesses, which she then photographed, and I assisted by photoshopping those photos into magical images to suit the characters. They were made into calendars then sold, with profits going to the Northland Rescue Helicopter.
Run by photographer Matt Meiers in USA, this organisation creates fantasy images for children with cancer, facilitating a photoshoot for each child with volunteer photographers and volunteer editors for post production on the images. I assisted as an editor by working on an image in 2019, photoshopping a child into a themed scene which was then printed and gifted to the child by the organisation. Wonderful experience.
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